Afon Goch


The Therapeutic Team

Hayley Knowles and Lynsey Evans work together in the management of Afon Goch.

Hayley and Lynsey are supported by a staff team comprising: four Senior Residential Support Workers; a team of Residential Support Workers, some of whom hold adventure activity qualifications; an Art Psychotherapist (HPC registered); and a Policy and Projects Adviser.

The managers have direct line management responsibility for all staff.

We have two senior qualified teachers on the team, who can offer 1:1 tuition, where this is identified in the child's Personal Education Plan. The staff team are recruited from a wide range of backgrounds, following a rigorous selection process. Values and attitudes are assessed; as well as qualifications, skills and experience.

A therapeutic team approach is key to our working at Afon Goch; and great care is taken to ensure that team members are suited to, and supported in, this way of working.Recruitment strategies at Afon Goch encompass equal opportunities as a matter of good practice. We aim to maintain a gender balance within the team, ensuring that children have access to appropriate role models of both genders. Both genders are recruited to carry out the same tasks (i.e. we do not operate a system that differentiates between gendered work) save where the need for a worker of a particular gender has been specifically identified within the child's Placement Plan.

Staff at Afon Goch are committed to directly addressing and changing the children's attachment patterns, social responses and behaviour. Staff provide children with the opportunity to change, grow and to learn the skills that are essential for the transition into adulthood, and for living well.